Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. Esther 4:14

Nardos Imam is a renowned fashion designer who has developed a strong reputation for creating high-end, luxurious, and elegant garments. She was born and raised in Eritrea, where she was surrounded by sound of her mother’s sewing, inspiring her to pursue a career in the fashion industry when she moved to the United States. After graduating, she began her career working at Richard Brooks—a luxe fabric store in Dallas, Texas. Eventually, she went on to become the in-house designer at Stanley Korshak where she built a loyal following of customers who kept coming back for her impeccable fit, eye for color, and unique architectural designs.

In 2012, Nardos decided to launch her own fashion house – NARDOS Couture. Her designs have been seen on many celebrities, making her one of the most sought-after designers for evening wear, couture and bridal wear, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. Her understanding of fabrics and silhouettes are what make each piece individually special and timeless.

Nardos believes strongly in designing with purpose; each collection is based on faith and beauty that radiates from within the individual wearing it. With this vision in mind, Nardos aspires to start a mentorship program that will help develop young talent within the fashion industry. Through this program she hopes to give back to society by arming new generations with the creative tools they need to express themselves through art while also teaching them how to be successful entrepreneurs.